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It is fundamental in today's living to keep our enviroment clean.The waste we produce is increasing substancially as our lifestyles change with the increasing populations in our communities.

Particularly in the urban enviroments we see the effect of poor managment of waste.Thus it is important to educate our community and particularly at an early age, in primary Schools,in how to manage waste.

This School has set up a "recycling centre" facing the main road passing the School for not only the pupils easy access but also for parents and the public passing by to see and learn of the need for a cleaner enviroment.

Many companies now are involved in managing waste in away that re-uses the materials we have finished with, mostley containers and paper.These materials include:-
                              Paper and cardboard
                              Glass - clear,brown and green.
                              Metals - cans and pieces of metal.
                              Plastics - certain types can be recycled.

This Scholls recycle centre has support from local businesses,involved in paper manufature and glassware.Other companies are springing up now that are collecting waste and transporting it to big manufacture in South Africa.

It is quite good to know that the recycling can infact make money for the school for the materials collected are worth something to the manufacturers,and they pay for the materials they receive.

We are now pleased to know that our initiative here has been noted by the Mbabane City Counsil and they are using the site as a model for development of similar re-cycling sites in otheer schools in tyhe urban area as well as in public areas.

Start the same yourselves at Home!
On this will the spirit survive,
that we are building each
days of our lives.

Striving to retain visions,
searching for elusive goals.

Never losing hope for progress,
ever seeking strength of soul


Recycle your waste, protect your environment.