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On this will the spirit survive,
that we are building each
days of our lives.

Striving to retain visions,
searching for elusive goals.

Never losing hope for progress,
ever seeking strength of soul.


Years spent here are so few,
to fulfill what we'd hoped to do.

Freinds remain as a sign,
that we are linked to saint mark's
through time.

Kids and Computers.
We are helping kids get the most from computers.

Since our school offer French as a 2nd or 3rd language, we now have our computer lessons available in French (24 lessons in total).

Dear Parents

The International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) is the global standard in user computer skills, offering Candidates an internationally recognised certification.  Available in 148 countries and in 38 languages, there are over 7 million ICDL Candidates worldwide. 

The ICDL is a test of practical skills and competencies, and consists of seven separate modules covering computer theory and practice:

Module 1 - Basic Concepts of Information Technology
Module 2 - Using the Computer and Managing Files
Module 3 - Word Processing
Module 4 - Spreadsheets
Module 5 - Databases
Module 6 - Presentations
Module 7 - Information and Communication

In South Africa, the ICDL is administered by ICDL South Africa, a non-profit organisation dedicated to enabling the proficient use of ICT to empower individuals, organisations and society, through the development, promotion and delivery of quality certification programmes.

Universities, Universities of Technology, Colleges, Schools

A number of Universities, Universities of Technology, Colleges and Schools either offer the ICDL, or recognise the ICDL for exemption or credit. The University of South Africa (UNISA) requires students to hold an ICDL before they can progress to some subjects or obtain some degrees in Science and Commerce.

ICDL SA have partnered with Computers 4 Kids to endorse the e-Learner programme for primary schools. We see the e-Learner certification as a means of getting your sons and daughters accredited with an international certification at primary school level before tackling the ICDL core qualification at high school. The importance of having some form of international qualification cannot be overstressed in these competitive times for our youth entering the job market.

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