A guide to general information

st marks school is a government affiliated school that offers more
than the average primary school fo it is independently supportes
by local community and other egencies
·It is an old school founded in the 1910 by the British expatriates
of the Anglican Church and developed through investment by
expatriate agencies. It became a public school in the 1960s and
now supports an international clientele of over 30 nationalities.
·It accepts boys and girls from the age of 6 for grade 1 and pursues the educational process up to Swaziland Primary school certificate in grade 7 at the age of 12/13 years.
·It is an English medium school which also offers French Portugese Agricultural Studies and Home Economics are being further developed as part of the curriculum. Basic Computer skills are being developed for inclusion in the curriculum. Extra curricula activities include Sports, culture and Music.
·Opening hours commence from 7:45am and close at 1:00pm for the Grade 1 and2 classes and 1:30pm for the remainder of the School. On Friday the School closes half an hour earlier for each section,ie. 12:30 and 1:00pm respectively. Parents are urged to ensure children arrive promptly to start assembly at 7:45am and classes at 8:00am. It si important that children o not arrive too early, for Schools premises shall not be opened to allow entry until staff arrive, this being 7:15am. Mid morning break occurs at 10:30am for 30 minutes.
·If your children are unable to part in Sports and cultural activities for illness, a medical report will be provided.
·With large pupil role of over 1000, it is important that parents ensure that if they are delivering and collecting pupils to and from the School, they are park securely outside the School entrance to avoid congestion and danger to the pedestrian pupils.
·The School uniform is described later in the Prospectus but it is important that parents do ensure that Children are correctly dressed and prepared for the school activities. This includes activities such as Sport and Agriculture.

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On this will the spirit survive,
that we are building each
day of our lives.

Striving to retain visions,
searching for elusive goals.

Never losing hope for progress,
ever seeking strength of soul.


Years spent here are so few,
to fulfill what we'd hoped to do.

Friends remain as a sign,
that we are linked to St.Mark's through time.

Charity Club.

This is a school club that works with identifying and helping the needy children, not only in the school but around the country as well. Before outreach to other children in the country, the club will help first the needy children in the school; it is our motto that “Charity begins at home”.
The charity committee that runs the club in the school:
1)Ms T. Mkhonta - the deputy head, we work with her at the office.
2)Mrs. P. C. Ntjalintjali-the chairperson of the club.
3)Mrs. Z. Makhanya- the treasurer.
4)Ms P. Zwane- the organizer of donations and other things.
5)Ms N. W. Msibi - the club’s secretary.

The charity club collects everything, from none perishable goods (food and clothing) to money.  We edge everyone who is willing to give a helping hand to needy children, to come and donate at St Mark’s Primary, and then we will help our children and then reach out to children around the country.

Donations are done on monthly bases in groups of Grades e.g. 1-7

Thanks to the parents who have donated to our club, we as St. Mark's primary school appreciate that so much. We hope that it goes on and on generation after generation. St. Mark's primary school is is where it is today because of the people who have given their time, advice, money and much more for the well fare of the school.

Main Office .....Tel:(+268)  4042596
                       Fax(+268) 4048406
Infant School .. Tel:(+268)  4048298
P.O.BOX 231
Blessed is the hand that gives than the one that takes.